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Manazil AlMajed Real Estate is a leading Saudi company specialized in real estate development and investment. The company offers a comprehensive package of services, Which meets the needs of customers, starting from real estate appraisal, real estate marketing, and real estate investments. An experienced and efficient team works to support clients to reach their goals as soon as possible. The company has also become the first destination for many; Thanks to a previous work that attests to its excellence. Manazil AlMajed Company adopts an approach based on development; To reach the best level that meets the needs of customers. Manazil AlMajed Real Estate Homes experience and leadership.

CEO Message

Since the launch of the Kingdom's Vision 2030, we have set our sights on being one of its pillars regarding the development process in the field of real estate development. And when we saw the Kingdom’s tendency to find solutions that fit the requirements of the future; We wanted our projects to be one of these models. Since the establishment of Majid Real Estate Homes, we have always sought to be one of the pioneers in the real estate development sector, by working based on an approach based on innovation and creativity.
Our previous work includes many projects; Which attests to the quality of our work, and the company includes a group of highly qualified and experienced people in the field of real estate, and we are keen to develop permanently; To always remain at the forefront of companies that support development and change for the better; To build an urban community that takes sustainability as its foundation, and seeks to make a tangible shift in this important industry. And the God of the intent behind.

Muhammad Al-Majed

Chief executive officer

We aim to contribute to achieving the Kingdom's Vision 2030 by implementing projects that combine quality and efficiency to support real estate development in the Kingdom.

Finding innovative housing solutions characterized by quality standards and modern designs that satisfy the needs of customers.

  • Providing residential projects that combine the splendor of design and quality to meet the needs of customers.
  • Developing the concept of real estate development by finding innovative solutions that save time and effort.
  • Expand our business to implement projects in the GCC region in the future.


We periodically develop business tools; Because our goal is to reach the best business model to ensure optimal results that exceed customer expectations.

the quality

We make sure that our projects comply with quality standards in the simplest details, to reach residential and commercial units that meet the needs of customers and achieve the required quality for them.


We create effective solutions that contribute to the establishment of real estate projects with a future vision that have a special footprint that meets the needs of customers.


Our unwavering principle lies in transparency; Because our goal is to gain the trust of our customers; Therefore, we abide by all our promises and the terms of our agreement with customers.


We are committed to implementing high quality projects that keep pace with current developments, and we are always keen to be the first destination for customers.

Our services

real estate development

Long experience in the field of real estate development made us the ideal choice for many clients in the Kingdom; We care about all stages of work, from the work team to the quality of the projects we implement. We work on projects for various residential and commercial purposes; To suit the different aspirations of customers; It provides them with excellent results. We take into account developments; occurring in the real estate market; We create appropriate means; To remain at the forefront of real estate development companies.

Off-plan sale

Believing in the Kingdom’s orientation to design programs aimed at solving real estate-related problems; We provide our customers with off-plan sales; Which covers various residential, commercial, administrative and other facilities. We offer various guarantees; Which preserves the rights of all parties, and we are committed to the implementation and delivery dates and do not fall behind, contact us now to find out more.

real estate appraisal

If you want to buy real estate, and you want to evaluate it and know its current value; Our team will save you a lot of time and effort; We will carry out a number of tasks, including an inspection, determination of the value according to the geographical location, and a comprehensive inspection of the property. We are committed to full transparency; We are keen to support you. We also provide comprehensive evaluation reports prepared by experts in the real estate market. Be confident and get in touch now to find out more.

Real Estate Marketing

Real estate marketing requires a lot of experience, and this is what we guarantee to you; Real estate marketing service; We provide comprehensive for everything you need; Starting from accurately identifying target customers, limiting marketing means, and setting a competitive budget aimed at comprehensive marketing of residential or commercial units; We put the summary of our experience in your hands; Our goal is to achieve your goal as soon as possible. Contact us now and write to us with details. To give you what supports you.

real estate investments

If you are looking for a safe investment; We provide you with that, through a group of real estate investment portfolios; Which guarantees you good profits, our experience will save you a lot. We offer a number of different alternatives; that fit the clients’ goals, starting with the available budget and the desire for future expansion; We also provide real estate investment advice, which is characterized by its realism. Because it is based on accurate practical studies. Be safe and invest in content.

Our Projects

We offer residential solutions of the highest quality standards and elegant modern designs

our partners

Through a practical process full of achievements, we have earned the trust of many customers, and we are proud of our partners, and we welcome cooperation with everything that supports our goals and strives towards development and excellence in the real estate development sector, and from our proud partners.

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